Our sponsors


Basic Equipment

General sponsor of project Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) kindly granted to Fundamental Library of our University computer systems: DECSystem 5500, Micro VAX 3400, AlphaServer 400, AlphaServer 1000; network equipment and software. DEC also kindly provides consulting support for all granted resources, participance in trainings on modern information technologies.

We highly appreciate the personal support of:

AMT Group

Communication Equipment

Sponsor AMT Group kindly granted communicational equipment for Fundamental Library FDDI-connection to regional network RUSNet via 100Mb channel.


Equipment for Remote Libraries Connection

IREX foundation and USIA have kindly granted the following equipment and running costs: This Equipment would provide efficient impact of the RUSLANet project. The real possibility of testing of libraries interrelation mechanism has appeared. It's very actual for libraries of North-West of Russia without their own Internet connection.

Appreciating IREX's grant we'd like to express our gratitude to following persons:


Bibliographic, WWW and Consulting Services Providing for Remote Libraries in the North-West of Russia

By its grant 6212LMF Open Society Institute supported next stage of the RUSLANet project.

This project already made it possible to provide bibliographic, WWW and consulting services for the remote libraries of St.Petersburg and north-west region of Russia.

Information about libraries of the north-western region of Russia is presented on the special Web server. The form of presentation follows the requirements of international standards. The specialized tool for automatic library registration has been developed.

Library consulting center has been established at the Fundamental library of StPSTU.

The goals and current state of the project were discussed at the Section of the universities' libraries of the 3rd Session of Russian Library Association Conference.

OSI has also supported "Library Training Center for the North-West of Russia" project, submitted by the Open Library Systems Center. The project aims to develop a cycle of training courses in the area of information technologies, used for providing traditional and advanced library services.


Application and Database Servers, Networking and Development Tools

Oracle Corp. have kindly granted on the trial base the following software: This products will help to deliver a new kind of quality of the RUSLANet and Fundamental Library services.


DBMS, Development Tools and Training Courses

Informix Corp. within the Informix for Innovation Software Grant Program for Education and Philanthropic Organizations have kindly granted the following software: as well as one year of technical support and two training courses.

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